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Thursday, 5 February 2015

I'm part of UMP Enactus Family!

Today I wanna share my joy and happiness. I have been chosen as a part of UMP Enactus Family. Alhamdulillah ! Syukur (:
I didn't expect that they gonna choose me as one them since I fill up the form (online interview) just for fun. HAHA. In that form, they did ask what makes me special. Wanna know my answer ? Jeng jeng jeng.... " TAK KENAL, MAKA TAK CINTA" Acewah.. Please excuse my love mood.
 Yeap, but of course I kinda hope that they will choose me as Enactus member. Enactus  is a club that produce leader with versatile and if i'm not mistaken it is about money planning. MONEY
HAHA. Please don't get me wrong, i'm not that kind of materialistic. But hey, money is important nowadays right ?
Since this program wont use any single penny from me, yeah... why not ? Besides I can get experience, I also can learn how to be better leader and how to plan my money in a proper way. 
Surprisingly, yesterday evening.. Bryan text me and congratulate me. Well, at that time I kinda blur  and HOW DID HE KNOW THAT I SUCCEED  even I, myself didn't know that i succeed
 -________ - After trillion questionnaire, he told me that he saw my name on MPP page. -..-
Guess what? He succeed too. HAHAAHA. Yeap. Bryan Andrew Balasan and me will be in one team. As he mention, we gonna be super best friend after this -.- LOL . Hell, of course i'm happy to know that he will join me. Even until now i cant stop laughing. HAHHAHAH. Funneh. It seem that I cant go far from him :P  (But, dont worry 'fish' ! You will always here.. In my heart ) HAHAHAA. Owh please :P
Out of many candidates, only 25 student succeed. 


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